“Difficult… but it is possible.”

Nice interview with Fujifilm at CP+ from Amateur Photographer once you get past a couple warmup questions.

When asked about pass-through charging of the battery in the body of the X-T2, they got a bit of a cryptic answer:

It all comes down to the hardware structure. It’s difficult to incorporate, but it is possible.

I would have loved a follow up question, but it sounds like had the X-T2 and grip been designed differently, it would have been possible, but it’s not with the current design. Bummer.

There’s also some idle chatter on how different f/2.0 and f/2.8 is on a lens at 200mm, but no official confirmation that the new Telephoto Prime will actually be 200mm, but signs are certainly pointing to somewhere around there.

Recommended Kits, Early 2017

My Early 2017 Recommended Kits have been posted.

Last year’s kit recommendations were awkwardly straddling two generations of sensors and processors. This year, just about the entire X-Series has caught up and is now on equal image quality footing.

A Note About Formats

What could be more awkward for kit recommendations than bodies with different sensors? A whole new format and system, natch, and that’s exactly what Fuji’s gone and done.

While I will be sure to compare the GFX with the X-Trans III sensor, it’s really not appropriate to consider medium format when building out an APS-C kit. Plus, those who need medium format know that they’re getting it already. So, apart from casual mention and perhaps an exclusive category or two, this kit building piece will focus mostly on X-Series.

A Note About Lenses

The breakneck pace at which Fuji has been releasing lenses seems to have finally levelled off a bit, but I still have a lot of catching up to do on my testing and review. Thus, a couple lenses are recommended based on preliminary testing, and have been noted as such. This page will likely see an update in the second half of this year.

My Kit

For the TL;DR folks out there, here is what I choose if I could only have a selection of 3 lenses:


CP+ 2017 – Fujifilm Interview, DPReview

Nice interview with Fujifilm executives over at DPReview.

On GFX and Phase Detection:

… are the lenses designed to support this in the future?

Yes, definitely.

And on X-Trans:

How big is the extra processing requirement for X-Trans compared to bayer?

X-Trans is a 6x6 filter arrangement, not 4x4, it’s something like a 20-30% increase in processing requirement.

Lens Roadmap and GFX Delay

Good News

Fuji has updated their lens roadmap to include four news lenses. The first two are X Mount versions of their MK Series of Cinema lenses, specifically tailored to 4K video capture.

The MK 18-55mm T2.9 X Mount is due in March, with the MK 50-135mm T2.9 X Mount listed as still in production, but estimate for June according to the roadmap.

Still shooters will get some love in 2018 when a new ultra-wide zoom is due in January, and a telephoto prime in late September, early October.

These lenses will presumably fill two holes in Fuji’s lineup. I started groaning about the lack of weather sealing in the XF 10-24mm F4 two years ago. I would expect this new lens pretty much has to be WR, and I would wager somewhere in the neighbourhood of 8-16mm to compete with full frame DSLR offerings. I also expect it to be larger than the XF 10-24mm F4. I’m guessing XF 16-55mm F2.8 WR or so.

After I got back from my first Safari trip, I had a big desire for a telephoto prime. Judging by the icon on the roadmap, that thing is going to have one substantial front element. Maybe like Nikon’s 200mm f/2? Looking forward to that one, and nice to see Fuji stepping further into exotic territory.

Bad News

The GFX is seeing some delays in production thanks to “high interest.” We will be waiting until at least the end of March before manufacturing catches up with demand.

“The reason I didn’t get the X-T2”

Patrick LaRoque on the GFX:

The GFX is the reason I didn't get the X-T2 because for me THIS will become the workhorse camera, replacing how I had used the X-T1 for its battery grip, tilting screen, tethering etc in situations that needed it.

I did get an X-T2, but this thought was (is) definitely floating around in my mind. I’m trying to figure out a way to get a GFX 50s with the GF 32-64mm F4 LM WR as a starting point. $9K though. Cheap for medium format, but a serious stretch from an X-T2 with XF 16-55mm F2.8 WR, for instance, at $2,900 with the grip.

X-T2 Review

I’m more than a little late to the new Fujifilm body review scene this time around, thanks to being MIA during the early access window. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I missed out on the early rush of excitement, not to mention site traffic. I’ve also felt like I’ve been letting my readers down, especially those who have written in to ask where the heck my review was. On the other hand, I’ve enjoyed taking a (much) less rushed approach. The lack of any deadline doesn’t help me get things done quickly.

The fact of the matter is, my house move and all this computer nonsense has had a huge impact on my ability to write, and earthquakes in Japan have had an effect on Fuji’s ability to get product over here. I have my hands on a bunch of X-T2s now though, and my review has (finally) been published with a big added bonus at the end.

The Versus comparisons you’re no doubt expecting are next in the queue and should be up in a much more timely fashion.

X-T2 + Bonus Review