Fuji vs. Fuji is dedicated to illustrating the difference in capabilities of Fujifilm’s X Series cameras and Fujinon XF line of lenses. I hope to help current owners and those new to X-Series make informed choices on which lens or camera body will suit their needs by doing the kind of testing, comparisons, and analysis I would be interested in seeing. It is not an attempt to find fault or prove a lens is “better,” as every photographic tool comes with it’s own strengths and compromises. My goal is to highlight those differences.

Testing Technique

My articles are not intended to be comprehensive, exhaustive or even complete as I will focus on the biggest, most important differences first, and add more content as time permits.

With that said, I take the quality and accuracy of my testing very seriously. A huge number of test images are captured that are never posted, and I will not use subpar images just to get something online. My image quality comparisons are posted only when they’ve met my standards.

The Intermittent Blog

When time is on my side, the blog portion of my site, the blog on my home page will contain thoughts and opinions on all things related to Fuji and photography. I’ll post carefully selected links to content that I find particularly excellent or insightful, and that my readers would also appreciate. Occasionally, I’ll link to deals that I find worth looking into. This site will definitely not ever attempt to capture or curate everything there is to read about Fuji, or every deal to be had. There are better channels for that. Finally, rumours will largely be ignored in favour of confirmed announcements.

Advertising, Privacy, Trackers, and Pixels

Fuji vs. Fuji is an ad and tracker free site.1 I run content blockers on all my browsers (primarily for privacy and security reasons and whitelisting where appropriate) so it’s only fair I hold myself to the standards I set for other websites. I therefore collect zero data on my visitors for myself, or on behalf of anyone else. I removed Google Analytics for privacy-conscious visitors, I’ve declined offers for data-collecting add-ons in exchange for financial compensation, and all Facebook tracking ”Pixel” integration will always be disabled. In fact, the only additional load you should see on your bandwidth beyond the content of this site is Adobe Typekit because design and typography are important to me.

You won’t see any ads, annoying popups for newsletters, or experience page slowdowns while trackers load. Just the content you came for.


This site’s primary source of support is you, its readers, when you use the affiliate links for any of your shopping needs. I do my best to clearly mark these links (via transparent buttons and language, or denoted by arrows like this: “→”), and will not include mystery links to affiliates.2 You can also donate via Paypal. All donations, no matter the size, are very much appreciated.

Questions? Comments? Criticisms?

Comments, requests, and suggestions are welcome here or on Twitter @fujivsfuji. I do my best to respond to all emails, but some do slip through the cracks when things get busy.

Thanks, and I really hope you enjoy the site!

  1. I find it amusing to see other websites that claim to be ad-free on pages with ads on them.↩︎
  2. Links you might expect take you to other parts of the site, but in fact open an affiliate’s website. ↩︎