Inspiration: Ian MacDonald

This is an inspiration post that’s been in my drafts folder for ages, but the promise, and delivery, of more and more excellent content kept me waiting.

In addition to a remarkably diverse portfolio, Ian MacDonald contributes an astounding amount to the Fujifilm community. From his three-part photographic diary of shooting in Amsterdam that is rife with superb photos that, having travelled to Amsterdam myself fairly recently, capture the city extraordinarily well. Oh, and he’s done it for Paris as well. And Vegas. And... you get the idea.

When he isn’t out on assignment, running a workshop, or shooting travel photography for the joy of it, he’s writing excellent reviews Fuji gear including a five-parter on the X-Pro2, or writing cautionary tales about not letting this hobby of ours get the best of us, or how to make the most of our travel photography. How this guy isn’t an X-Photographer yet is beyond me.

Ian’s website and Twitter account are ones that shouldn’t be missed by any Fuji fan, as is his Instagram account by anyone who enjoys beautiful photographs.