Inspiration: Verity E. Milligan

First, a Note

Testing gear is great fun, but we mustn’t forget that it’s the photographs we make that really matter. I’m guilty of this slipping my mind at times, but I managed to sneak a moment for myself this past weekend to make an image amongst the testing. With that said, I hope none of my readers mind the odd post here and there that features the photos we make with our cameras.

I’ve called this quite simply “Inspiration,” because for me, that all it is. These are the people who inspire me to grab my camera and go shoot.

Now onto the Inspiration.

I met Verity (or Vemsteroo) on Twitter sometime late last spring when her extraordinary landscapes of various Districts in England were retweeted. She was an insta-follow. Her latest set of images, this time from the Peak District, is as lovely as ever, and includes this gem, which I think is particularly genius.

“Ice Planets” by  Verity E. Milligan

“Ice Planets” by Verity E. Milligan

The entire set was captured with the X-T1 and 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6, showing off the lens’s versatility, but more importantly, Verity’s words about winter echo my own thoughts about the season.1

Seasons provide us photographers with exponentially more photographic opportunities so even if it’s still cold where you are, bundle up, stick a WR lens on your X-T1 and make some images.

  1. Except maybe when temperatures get down below -30˚C like they did last weekend. That’s just nonsense.