X-T1 vs. X-E2 size

In my X-T1 review, I showed an image comparing the X-T1 with the 27mm f/2.8 to a X100S to demonstrate how small a package the X-T1 could be with the right lens attached. However, there’s been some confusion surrounding the size of the X-T1 compared to Fujifilm’s other cameras, particularly the X-E line.

No, the X-T1 is not approaching DSLR sizes. It’s essentially a slightly thicker X-E camera with a hump, and more of a grip. Here are some additional images to help illustrate the differnce.

Front view. Pretty much the same. Only the viewfinder is making the X-T1 a little taller.
Side view. The thickness is most apparently from this side as it include the X-T1’s more substantial grip. In other words, the worst case scenario.
Back view. Not a whole lot more to see here compared to the front view.
Top view. More thickness and the grip. 
Bottom view. 

Bottom view. 

Unless you have both cameras on hand, you’ll hardly notice a difference in size, if at all. You will notice a slight difference in weight, and a significant difference in feel. As mentioned in my review, the magnesium X-T1 feels better in the hand.