X-E2, firmware updates, and full frame Fuji

This just happened.

Fantastic reporting from DPReview, and well worth the time to read it. Here are a few stand-out items for me:

...we will release new firmware for the X-E2 soon which will improve the refresh rate of the EVF bringing it to the same level as the X-T1 and also add an interval shooting function.

I’m still kind of stunned. I’ll have more to say about this, but it brings a comment I made on Twitter further into light:

Clearly the answer to my question as it relates to EVF performance is “nothin’.” If a firmware update can bring this sort of functionality to the X-E2, I can’t help but wonder if the same is possible with the X100S, as it too sports the EXR Processor II. It’s entirely possible the actual EVF hardware is the limited factor though, rather than the processor.

There was some internal debate about the X100 update, and some people within Fujifilm didn’t think we should upgrade a discontinued model but we decided to do it anyway.

Whoever doesn’t think these updates should happen should kindly be asked to leave the building. As of this moment, Fujifilm’s USP (unique selling proposition for the non-marketing nerds) is their ongoing, unmatched support for their cameras. Some would argue it’s their retro styling, but that hasn’t been the case for years now, and can be very easily copied. Others would say it’s the X-Trans. Well, other cameras are ditching the OLP filter, and great images can can be made with non-X-Trans sensors.

What can’t be easily copied or manufactured is the tough decision and time to invest in updates like these. This isn’t what brought me to Fujifilm, but it’s a huge part of why they are my platform of choice. Yes their optics are great, their colour rendition is (arguably and subjectively) unmatched, but waking up this morning to find a “free” update like this coming my way is what gets me really excited. Not just for me, but for all Fuji shooters.

Our research shows that the attachment rate for a high-end camera like the X-Pro 1 is around 3.8, whereas cameras like the X-A1 it’s more like 1.2. With low-end cameras people often just stick with the kit lens.

This is interesting and no real surprise. It lends further credence to my views on Fujifilm cornering the premium compact market. The differences between Japanese and Western owners is also of interest. It seems as though we—through Fujifilm North America/UK—have a strong voice in the usability changes Fujifilm continue to make. The partnership vs. dictatorship that is all too common with Japanese brands is really great to see.

We also need to refresh our lens lineup.


At the moment we’re focusing on the APS-C format but in the longer term, after we’ve completed our lens lineup… I can’t deny the possibility.

Wait, what? “Refresh”? There’s a lot of mixed messaging going on here as he mentions the need for Fujifilm to slow down and make their line-up less confusing in the preceding sentence. I’m very intrigued to know what this entails. It certainly sounds as though full-frame is in the pipeline, if not already behind a reinfirnced, key-card-access-only steel door in Japan.

The last thing I’ll note is, if you want an X-T1, it sounds like you better get your preorder in posthaste. Demand is twice what Fujifilm were anticipating. Now would also be a good time to get into a new X-E2 with its currently discounted price.