The X-T1 with the 27mm f/2.8

This looks pretty cool.

The 27mm j/2.8 is a bit of an unsung hero in Fujifilm’s lens lineup. But it’s a fantastic little lens and it looks awfully cool on the X-T1. Not only are you left with a cool looking camera, but it's a really small a package.

How small?

Here it is next to the X100S. Larger, sure, but not significantly. And in fact, with the X-T1's magnesium body it actually "feels" remarkably similar to the X100S because it is so dense. Looking at the specs of each, the X-T1 with 27mm f/2.8 weighs in at 468g. The X100S is 405g.

I love the feel of the X100S, but I have to hand to Fujifilm for making the X-T1 as light as they did. It’s no X-E2, but it's still pretty pretty weightless with the right lens attached. It also feels better in the hands than the X-E cameras do. I’ll have much more to say about that in my full review, which is coming soon!