I was in need of an outlet more appropriate than my personal site to share thoughts and opinons on Fuji and mirrorless cameras when 140 characters wasn’t enough. An RSS feed was also recently requested for the site and unfortunately that’s not possible on Squarespace without setting up a “blog” so here we are.

Welcome to Fuji Views

I’ll use Fuji Views as an announcement platform for Fuji vs. Fuji comparisons and my reviews, in addition to observations on the latest happenings in the world of Fujifilm. I may even link out to Fuji-related content I find particularly interesting.

It should be noted that while I take a fair bit of pride in the thoroughness of my vs. articles, these posts will be more casual in nature. The views expressed here will be my own. I may start with republishing some of the Fuji content that already exists on my personal blog.

Should you be interested, you can subscribe to the Fuji Views RSS feed here or in the right column. Thanks and hope you enjoy it!